Lifestyle Tips for Whiter Teeth

Over the counter teeth whitening products can be effective but sometimes you need a little extra help to really see results. If you use a whitening product and follow these lifestyle tips, you’ll have a better chance at keeping your teeth pearly white.

Brush twice a day
Growing up, you’ll of heard this plenty of times from your dentist, but it really is important for whitening teeth that you brush often – some people even brush them every time they have a drink or something to eat. Most foods contain acid or sugar, and it’s important that you brush this off before bed. If left, it can turn into harmful plaque which will stick to teeth, resulting in decaying and rotting teeth. If you’re whitening teeth, you really do need to brush at least twice a day. This Teeth Whitening Gel can really help to speed up the process of whitening teeth.

Avoid coffee and red wine
Dark drinks like coffee and red wine can stain teeth and spoil your teeth whitening progress, so by reducing or completely eradicating your intake of these you are well on your way to having a glowing smile! Plus, both of these drinks can cause bad breath, so if you do have a drink, try and brush your teeth afterwards. Our Whitening Post Rinse is a handy, quick fix for when you’re on the go. Simply spray, swish, and spit!

Quit cigarettes
Cigarettes are the enemy if you’re trying teeth whitening! Both nicotine and tar make your teeth yellow – the only way to avoid this is to quit altogether. Nicotine and tar both cling to the teeth every time a cigarette is smoked, so if you’re using teeth whitening products, ditch the cigs.

Keeping your mouth hydrated
Keeping your fluid levels topped up is vital – lack of liquid in the mouth causes dry mouth, which in turn causes bacteria from food to stick to your tongue and teeth, turning them yellow. Try and make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day – Getting a measured bottle can really help with this, as you can track how much you need to drink. Plus, drinking water instead of sugary drinks like fizzy pop and juice will really help you with your teeth whitening.

Using activated charcoal
Teeth whitening products containing activated charcoal are a great way to whiten teeth – often more effective than most other over the counter teeth whitening products. The activated charcoal’s pores bind with rough parts on teeth, usually surface stains and plaque, making it easier to remove the yellowing substances. Once the charcoal has been given enough time to stick to your teeth, it can be removed and when it is, the mineral takes the plaque, food particles, and surface stains with it – leaving you with gorgeous, sparkly, whiter teeth!

Have you stumbled across any other brilliant teeth whitening tips? Don’t forget to share them in the comments!

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